Analog Instruments
Product Description
Quadrant Line
Quadrant Line

Instruments Analog line quadrant were as follows:

  • Model 72A - Front 72x72mm.
  • Model 96A - Front 96x96mm.
  • Model 144A-Front 144x144mm.

Can be made as: Ammeter, Voltmeter, RPM Indicators, among others. The scale can be made according to customer's need may be the pointer deflection of 90 degrees or long range of 240 degrees.

Straight Line
Straight Line

Analog Instruments of the straight line are presented as follows:

  • Model 255/255L - Front 64X61mm.
  • Model 355/355L - Front 88x75, 5mm.
  • Model 455/455L - Front 117x107mm.

Can be made with the input signal and range according to customer's need.

Interchangeable Line
Interchangeable Line

The line of interchangeable instruments have the versatility of an easy change of scale, ideal for resellers / distributors who want to keep the product in stock, are presented in the following way:

  • Model 96LI - Front 96x96mm.
  • Model 72LI - Front 72x72mm.

Can be made with the input signal and range according to customer's need.

Line 4896
Line 4896


  • Dimensions: 48x96mm.
  • Vertival (V) or Horizontal (H).
  • Other indicators or controllers with only one or two relay output.
  • Other Ammeters, Voltmeters, indicators or temperature range according to customer's need.
Mini Line
Mini Line


Instruments are limited to measures in the following models:

  • Model 125H - Front 48.2 x18, 2mm.
  • Model 125V - Front 50.8 x44, 4mm.
  • Model 155V - Front 30x45, 5mm.

Can be made with the input signal and range according to customer's need.

Special for Locomotives
Special for Locomotives


  • Specially designed for use in railway locomotives.
  • Model 45R flange and lighting.
  • Front 114X114mm.
  • Galvanometer resistant vribrações.
  • Changing light bulbs can be made through the front of the instrument.


Wattmeter, Varimeter, Fasemeter

  • 96A models are manufactured in 96x96mm in size and the model 144A, dimensions 144x144mm quadrant line.
  • The range of work will meet according to customer need, you must tell the voltage and current work.
  • Can be manufactured in single or three phase system.
Timing Devices
Timing Devices


  • Instruments used for synchronization of two generating units. Formed by synchroscopes, Voltmeter Double, Double Frequency Meter, may be sold separately or assembled in the column of timing.
  • They are made in the model 144A, size 144x144mm.
Special Models


  • The instruments meet the special needs such as locomotives, aircraft, custom machines, oven among others, are described as follows:


  • Model 25R - 68mm Diameter
  • Model 35R - 88mm Diameter
  • Model 45R - Diameter 114mm
  • Model 55R - Diameter 134mm


  • Model 456 - Front 115.5 x72, 5mm
The name in automotive service equipments.
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