Instrument Calibration


The Engro has a laboratory with what is most modern in the instruments that comprise our calibrators and standards, so if you have ENGRO tools, do the calibration and revision in our laboratories, because our products are for the cost of the certificate will be much smaller than any other market.

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About Engro

The Engro is a company dedicated to the manufacture of electric instruments. Founded on March 19, 1954 develops, manufactures and markets high-tech equipment, which monitor and control temperature, Electrical Quantities and Procedures.

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New Product


The new EC1000™ and EC2000™ are the only ElectroChemical battery analyzers that measures all four electro-chemical parameters (SDVI) of a battery in a single measurement.

Sulfation, Dryout, Voltage and Impedance (SDVI).


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The name in automotive service equipments.
A division of Engro's Group.